Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are individually fabricated, based on our client’s design choices, colors and dimensions.  We take into consideration many factors, including how the light will be affected by colors and density of a variety of glass choices.

After taking preliminary measurements and discussing design parameters, we produce a life-sized drawing of the stained glass project.  The drawing is in black and white with suggested colors indicated; at this point, we are also able to provide a fixed quotation for the work.  

We recommend that our clients view the drawing and suggested colors (using pieces of glass) in the room where the stained glass will be installed.   We incorporate any requested changes until there is final agreement on the design.  Then we make an exact wooden template of the window or door, and start cutting glass!  

This section contains many examples of our work.  But remember: these are examples only and we can produce just about anything! 

Quilt Inspired Windows

Since moving to the Shenandoah Valley, Barbara has been fascinated with the vast variety of quilts here.  Consequently, she decided to make a series of items (mostly window panels) which were inspired by quilt patterns.  Photos of the ones produced to date are in this section.