Barbara offers a class for beginners who would like to give stained glass a try.  Classes are offered individually or as a group.  The choice of group or individually depends on the needs of the students.  Don’t worry if you feel you're not the creative type. You'll be amazed at what you can produce under Barbara's expert and sympathetic guidance. You can see the full course outline below but remember each class can be individually tailored to the preferences of the student.


 When:  By Appointment

Where:  Most classes take place in Barbara’s personal studio, but her mobile workshop can travel to other locations to offer group classes.

Supplies:  All equipment, tools, and materials are supplied by Barbara.  All you need to do is show up with a desire to create.

Cost:  The cost of the class is $98.00 per student (group rates are customized for each group).  This cost includes both sessions and all supplies needed to make your own stained glass creation.

How:  Each standard class consists of 2 sessions lasting 3 ½ hours each. 

  • Session 1 involves::  Introduction to glass cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering, and finishing. In this session, students will use window glass to learn the techniques, and, will make a butterfly using window glass first.  Using the same design, students will then select their art glass and contract an art glass butterfly.
  • Session 2 involves::  Review of techniques introduced in Session 1, and continued practice in any technique which is difficult. In this session, students will choose a more advanced project and use art glass for the project.   Projects include: patchwork mirrors, sun mirrors, clocks, mobiles and candle holders, or a simple project of the student’s design.

Additional Information


  • All scheduled sessions use the copper foil method; optional sessions can be arranged separately to introduce the lead technique or basic fusing.
  • It is possible that some students will be faster than others. In those cases, additional projects can be undertaken at no additional cost.
  • Payment for the course is due at the first session.
  • Session hours are fixed, and students are expected to respect the scheduled dates and times.
  • Please note that the craft of stained glass can be dangerous (glass chips and sharp edges, dangerous chemicals, and hot soldering irons).  Think SAFETY while having fun!