Novelty Pieces


We like to say “we can make almost anything in glass!”.  Over the years, our clients and students have challenged us with “Can you make me a…..”  Many of our now-standard gift items are a result of those challenges.  

In these pages you will see photo frames, a variety of sun catchers, our well known ladies (both small and large), wind chimes, candleholders, many styles of angels, jewelry, fused fish panels, mobiles and wall sculptures.

While in Portugal, we were asked to participate in an exhibition titled “Table Settings”.  We made the forks, knives, spoons, salt and pepper cellars, the plates and place mats, candle holders, the menu, wall mirrors and the centerpiece…all out of glass, using a variety of techniques.  Many of these items presented new challenges and were great fun to produce.  But the most fun was making Claudia, an almost-life-sized lady who is sitting on her chair.  She is made of out of mirror pieces, except a few colored glass pieces for her earrings, lips, nails, ring and hair.  Her shoes are glass mosaic on top of a pair of shoes I once loved!

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