Lamps & Mirrors

Over the years, we have produced all types of lamps, lampshades and wall sconces.  There have been many models of lamps: floor lamps, table lamps and hanging lamps.  We have worked with client-provided lamp bases, and made our own lamp bases.  We have produced a line of “standard” wall sconces, and adapted those (as needed) to client-specific sizes and colors.  

We provide each client with a life-sized black-and-white drawing of each lamp, and suggest glass colors and densities.  After agreement, we start cutting glass!

While browsing through this section, note the vast variety of lamps we have produced.  In particular, take note of the wire mesh wall sconces, one of our “inventions”.  These sconces produce a delightful light and are quite dramatic!  Almost anything is possible!

The first mirrors we made were small (about 8 x 10).  Since then, we have worked with any size; the biggest we made was 4 feet by 3 feet and the smallest is about 2 square inches.  We are known for our “patchwork” mirrors, which is a mirror surrounded by a patchwork of glass.  But we have also made animal mirrors (cats, whales, and –lately—an owl) and “funky” mirrors.  

A commissioned mirror is made to specified dimensions, colors and design.  We usually border the larger mirrors with lead channel or a custom-made wooden frame.  

Enjoy this section!